Berlin Guitar X-tet Open Practice Day

Sunday, December 10th, 2017 · 10:00-18:00 · Pankow, Berlin, Germany

The Berlin Guitar X-tet is holding a guitar practice day that is open to anyone who wishes to attend, regardless of prior experience on guitar or other musical instruments.

The programme will include an introduction to the ‘Guitar Craft Tuning’, Circulations, right and left hand technique, primary exercises, rhythmical exercises, BGX repertoire as well as exploring good body poise for playing guitar using the Alexander Technique.

The Open Practice Day will take place in the BGX’s working space in Pankow. The programme will begin at 10:00 and complete at 18:00, with a lunch break from 13:00 to 14:30.

Participants are requested to bring an acoustic metal string guitar of any type. The BGX can supply a limited number of guitars on request.

There is no set attendance fee, you decide what you contribute!

If you wish to attend, please contact George Porter at

About the Berlin Guitar X-tet
The Berlin Guitar X-tet is a group of guitarists from Europe, North and South America formed in Berlin in 2017. Their repertoire is diverse including original compositions, rock, film music and contemporary pieces. A central element of their work is improvised or composed “Circulations,” whereby a note or chord is passed from one player to another. All guitarists in the X-tet use the “Guitar Craft Tuning” that gives the guitar an extended sonic range and unique tonality.